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By default 'yum list' shows you all the packages from all the enabled repositories, but you can disable a repository for a single operation with "--disablerepo=repository" So this command shows all the available packages that *aren't* from Core, Updates or Extras: su -c 'yum --disablerepo=base --disablerepo=updates-released --disablerepo=extras list' Most repositories have hundreds or thousands of packages so add a grep on the end to only show what you're interested in: su -c 'yum --disablerepo=base --disablerepo=updates-released --disablerepo=extras list' | grep -i 'what-i-want' Yum has other search facilities, which are briefly covered in the Fedora documentation: I tend to go to the Website of the repository when I want to just casually browse the packages.